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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Danger Will Datingson!!

Dating is too complicated as it is. Here is a common example of getting a date
  1. You see a man/woman you are physically attracted to
  2. You gather what courage you have and walk up to him/her
  3. You have to come up with something to make you interesting enough to talk to
  4. Then it is an intricate dance of conversation not to bore them or tell too much pretty much hoping they aren't dating someone else or in a bad mood, not attracted to you, ect
  5. IF you get their # then the whole dance happens many different times from the when to call him/her dance, what to say on the phone dance, where to go on a date dilemma, the date conversation dance, reading him/her dance.

It is 1 massively complicated ritual. I think today I will cover warning signs that they are crazy. All of these signs will be pulled directly from people I once dated. Oh and I will rate them 1-5 (1 being slight warning)

3 She talks bad about her ex (when he/she could have actually been the problem)

4 Holds your cell phone (or similar object) out of the car window at 60 mph cause she is mad at you

5 Big Feminist/Chauvinistic man who blames the opposite sex for just about everything

4 Cries way too much over very little and then bounces to a rage

3 Does not like to be seen in public much (hid in my car while I was at a friends party and then went off with her guy friend to his party... I think)

4-5 Tries to bribe you to keep dating him/her

5 Gets herself arrested being belligerent to the cops who she called to get in your house

5 Hits you at any time (didn't hurt but still)

4-5 Seems to only like you for your car/money/body

3-4 Way too cryptic when she says things

5 Believes she is a witch

5 Suicidal

3 Was a stripper at 1 time

5 Catch them in many lies/questionable excuses

1-5 jailed once before (really depends about what)

3-5 Dishonorable discharge from the military

3 Obsesses about something a bit too much

3-5 Manipulates what you say

5 Afraid of what they might do to your car/you if they get mad

5 Follows you when you don't know it

3 Seemingly has no personality or never says much about themselves

4 Oftenly drinks too much

5 Says they have changed or makes you feel guilty in order for you to date them again

5 You fight or break up often

4 Accuses you of lying when there was no lie

5 Calls you so much you have to change your cell #

Pretty much what I am saying here is when you finally go out on a date with someone, do not ignore any warning signs. If one or more little red flags goes up explore them and if it is a big huge bad thing, ditch them. People can be crazy and ignoring any signs will cause you unnecessary drama/physical harm. 85% of these warning signs were from 1 girl. I made excuses about them making them seem not as bad or believed her when she said she has changed but no one ever changes. Accept them for who they are or leave them.

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Monday, February 27, 2006


What to write about today.... hmmm. I always write about whatever but what do you want to know about? I know a ton about computer hardware but unless you want 20 - 4 page long posts about the basics and how to build your own computer, I am not going to bother. Although this information is very helpful,it won't help you unless you do something other than emailing and surfing on your computer. I have built a nice computer by myself and on a computer buying website and have saved at least $2000. Anyways I would like a topic you want to know about (other than the arts, I know nothing about them)

Enough about that... down to business.

I saw the most beautiful car I have ever seen in my entire life. It is called the Ariel Atom. It is a custom built car by a tiny company (7 workers). The top of the line car runs about $60,000 and has 300 hp which is quite a bit but it doesn't compare (horsepower wise) to corvettes (505 hp, $66k), Ferraris (490+hp, $100k+), and other such sports cars. But it does have 1 thing better than any of these monster cars

It is light.

"So what" I hear you saying.

This car weighs 1000 lbs. In comparison the tiniest car I can think of (Geo metro) weights 1650. Translation: this car is FAST!! When I say fast I mean FAST!!!

It will stomp any of those cars I mentioned above in a race

Everyone focuses on getting the car with the most horsepower. Point being is that car's speed shouldn't be measured in horsepower but horsepower per weight. Imagine a race between a car with car A (1000hp) and car B (400hp). Who would win? Car B, of course. Mainly because I neglected to mention the 1000hp car weights 3 tons while the 400hp car is a piddly 1 ton. Simple math determines car A has 333hp per ton while car B has 400 hp per ton.

Lesson learned is that the Ariel Atom is the most beautiful car on the planet!!


Learn all the facts and never judge too quickly.

It is a street legal by the way

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Friday, February 24, 2006

I just had to share this

So far I have had 3 phone calls from morgage companies wanting to know if I wanted to take out a loan or refinance my military owned housing.

I got a good laugh out of it
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The embryo word

This is going to open up the flood gates of criticism but I am going to do it anyways.


*winces for barrage of verbal beatings*

2 sides. Pro-life and Pro-choice

Women can get abortions up to 24 weeks or later in most states

Here are some facts

6 weeks till heartbeat to pump blood to new organs and 8 weeks till movement (he/she has hands, feet, eyes, ears, and teeth now)

Sounds like it is an alive being to me

Embryos are babies
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Someone I know inspired me to write this.

Here is my 1st inspirational and not straight knowledge post so bear with me

Here are the facts. Everyone is dying. From birth you are already on your way out. Good health is just the absolutely slowest death possible. Your body gets tired and slowly disintegrates. Near the end your skin gets less elastic, your veins harden, and you shrink.

So what?

It is called life. There are about 50 years of it, why focus on the last minute or 2 of it? Live it up!! Go to museums and aquariums, fly a plane then jump out of one, drive a motorcycle, go on the fast roller coaster... twice, visit exotic places do exotic things, live life up!! Do not focus on the end, you do not do something in life depressed because it will end. Think about it, when have you last seen depressed people on a theme park ride because it will end?

When you get to heaven your body should not be pristine and well preserved. Your body should be thoroughly used up and skidding up to St. Peter saying "Whooo that was a wild ride!!

Also Ctrl+C is copy, Ctrl+V is paste and Ctrl+X is cut. Handy and faster window's short cuts when you can not right click

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To my adoring fan

You know it would suck to be a celebrity. Why you ask? They may have loads of money, a huge house, anything they wanted and tons of fans but I have 1 thing they don't have.... privacy. I can go out and eat a steak and cheese sandwich without my poorly taken picture in the paper announcing I quit my diet and gained 50 lbs. If I get angry because my waiter is completely inept and completely screws up my order 3 times I have not gone crazy with rage and am seeing a psychiatrist now. I can date and marry whoever I want and I never have to worry if they are doing it for the money or fame. Anytime I go into public I am not bombarded with people wanting my signature. Except for financial issues I bet being famous is quite stressful. People are still people no matter how rich and famous they are. Next time you see someone extremely well known like Brad Pitt please treat them like you would treat other lesser known people and not crowd them with questions and slips of paper. Lastly and most importantly do not buy celebrity magazine. Paparazzi’s are scum and barely legal stalkers.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

People new to motorcycles

Cars are not motorcycles. All day I hear people wanting a motorcycle but not a slow one so they want a liter bike (1000cc). These people will crash and might die and here is why. Available now there are 4 types of bikes. There slow but fun 250 cc. Funny, because when I say slow I mean this motorcycle will beat about 70% of all stock cars on the road yet costs tons less. There is the fast 600cc the will beat 98% of all stock cars. The liter bike that will out run 99% of cars. And lastly there is the Busa which is around 1.3 liters. 1000cc and higher motorcycles are extremely fast and unforgiving. Make the slightest mistake and your bike will flip or slide out from under you sending you across the road on your back, perhaps into incoming traffic. When I say slightest I mean a slight bump twists your accelerator a mere 10 degrees. Get the bike if you want but expect to be passed by others on 600cc or smaller bikes going around corners. This is a plea for you, get an old 600cc (1999 model or older) or a brand new 250 (they are $3,000 brand new and they retain their value very well). I say old because they will not kill you 1st mistake and the 1st 6 months you will (95% probability) drop your bike on accident. I did it and I had an old beater so I didn't care. 600 cc motorcycles are FAST!!! You do not jump into the ocean on your 1st swimming lesson, you do not diffuse a real bomb 1st time in SWAT and you do not go above 600cc when learning to ride a motorcycle. Sure you might survive but the odds are against you.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nearly free gas

I am off of work so I will leave you with this idea. There are new cars called fuel cell cars that run off of hyrdrogen and who's exhaust is water. No pollutants. Want the better news? The fuel is created by running an electrical current through water. So one day you can drive in a environment friendly, fuel efficient car that you can create your own fuel using a small amount of electricity at home.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Your body is trying to kill you

85% of your cholesterol comes from within!! Translation - You can eat zero cholesterol and very little fat at all and still have that vein plaque that clogs arteries and causes lethal strokes. Pretty disheartening facts. Pretty much you are just screwed unless you dish out loads of dollars for medicine that shuts down the cholesterol factory (that is on crack) part of your liver. I found option #2

Glucomannan, what is it and why should you care? Cheerios always advertises to eat fiber to lower your cholesterol. That is because fat and cholesterol in your vein binds easily to water soluble fiber. But cheerios has 1 piddly gram of it per serving. Glucomannan is the specialized mother of all fiber that originates from the white kidney bean. A dose of glucomannan has been proven to lower your cholerestol points by 21% in a month. Can't beat that for only $20 every 2 months ( http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp?pid=147360&catid=48848&trx=GFI-0-EVGR-49973&trxp1=10782&trxp2=147360&trxp3=1&trxp4=0&btrx=BUY-GFI-0-EVGR-49973 )

Beats 30 pills of lipitor for $70- 99
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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Diets and .... Vulgar Phlegm?

Low fat diets!! They are everywhere!! Why is fat bad? Your body needs fat!!! Just not as much as we americans typically consume. So people turn to low fat diets. Food like pasta, rice and pita sandwiches filled with veggies take the place of our pizza and hamburgers we used to eat. Here is the catch... too much starch in your diet like in those foods become fat anyway. You can thank your liver for that.

200 calories from steak (http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-B00001-01c21bQ.html) or 200 calories from plain spagetti ( http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-B00001-01c21VE.html) is still 200 calories (excluding cholesterol at the moment). Too many calories from either food will make you fat.

There are only 3 things get turned into energy for our bodies that are in our bodies; fat, muscle and simple stored sugars. Fat is the most efficient way of storing a lot of energy in a small space. So once your simple sugar supply is filled, starchy carbohydrates quickly become fat. I am not saying to go splurge at your favorite fast food resturant because it is all the same. I am saying that over splurging in anything is bad.

Essentially you can have very zero fat diet and still get fat. That is sort of my problem...I love my starches and eating less keeps me hungry!!!

Their in lies the problem but there is a solution... Phaseolus vulgaris. No, I did not insult you in latin. Phaseolus vulgaris is the extract from the white kidney bean that interferes with your body to digest and absorb starchy food. It has been scientifically proven to reduce blood glucose levels (sugar) by 57%. Every nutrient you eat ends up in your blood. Less sugar in your blood means less calories which means less sugar gets turn into fat. Nothing is a miracle get thin quick cure but this will help some people... a lot. Look for a Phase 2 Carbohydrate Starch Blocker/Neutralizer. I found that www.Drugstore.com has the 2 suppliments I needed for cheap. Like always, I get no money from any site I tell you to go to nor am I affilited with them in any way. I am just saving you time. More tomorrow on the 2nd suppliment.
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Rules of a new poster

Ok, everything looks good. Hopefully in an hour my blog should be searchable. If somehow you stumble into my world here I would like to make a couple of rules I am going to try to follow in my blog (blog still sounds like a weird word to me)

1. I will make my informative blogs as easy to digest as possible
2. I will be talking to you... even if there is no "you" reading this
3. Unless I am moving or am sick, I will try to post something every day or so
4. If you like something please tell me and I will try to email you back, encouragement is a great fuel
5. If you hate something and you are very vulgar don't expect much back from me
6. I will make my blogs entertaining or profound or informative. I am not going to resort to a grocery list or something similarly as stupid

That is pretty much I can think of right now. Too bad all these rules and my 1st blog will be hidden under the pile of new posts... posts sounds better than the repetitive word blog

Till next time
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Day 1

Why does anyone make a blog? Seriously. Fame? What blogger is famous? More like the infamous blogger who wrote his/her evil plans to do X. Maybe you have important information you feel is relevant in peoples' lives... perhaps. No one can know the inner workings of every single person out there.
I am making a blog because I am a ponderer. I once theorized and tested the melting of the polar caps while working as a dishwasher at a restaurant. I think non-stop and I might as well write some of my musings down and if they entertain or inform, so much the better.
So follow my blog or not, I really won't know either way unless you email me. Heck, I don't know if I am doing this right. On that note I need to check on that.
David out
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