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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Funny quote of the day

"I would like to take you to a dinner and a movie. By dinner I mean sleep with you...and by movie I mean video tape it."
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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Changes and prices

So what do you think of my new design. I am still working on it but it looks different from all the other common pages. Now if only I can find a cool yet not in the way picture for the background...

In other news nintendo announced the price of the Wii. They said it will not be over the price of 25,000 yen. Currency calculator brings that to $223. So there is your price. It will be equal to or cheaper than $223!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pregnant women

They go through changes, their hormones get all screwed up which leads to mood swings, weird food cravings, muscle spasms, and their belly/breasts gets bigger. It is all a natural process of life.

They hang out with their girlfriends and pick out cute baby clothes and baby names. Then comes the line "You better eat more, you are eating for 2, girl!!" and this is why women get fat and blame it on pregnancy. This 2nd person probably wieghs between .5 ounces to 8 lbs. Why does such a small person need 2000 extra calories? The baby absorbs protein, vitamins and minerals... not half of the quart of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream you ate. Take a suppliment, stay thin and be the envy of all those other fat heifers out there that ate for 2.
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

I personally hate raymond

Everyone loves raymond.


There are 2 types of this humor spoof and nonspoof. An example of a spoof family would be married with children... no one takes their family life seriously. Why does a nonspoof family that is yelling all the time and insulting each other entertain people. Raymond himself is screamed at in every episode, belittling him to the child of the family.

Grow a #$*&$ backbone raymond!!

I am honestly very glad that raymond has gone off the air. A very good ridance to him and his wife.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Very sad (in a nondepressing sort of way)

Sony was proudly displaying it new Blu-Ray drives by showing an early Blu-Ray movie in it. That is until a journalist got curious and took a peek... There was a copied DVD+R in the drive!!


How about this one for news. The president of Sega and THQ are complaining that they have not been given the developer kit for the new PS3. "fewer and less-powerful games because the company hasn't given final technical details of the new console." "A lot of developers have not gotten the kits,'' said Sega of America president Simon Jeffrey while attending E3 last week. "There certainly will not be a lot of titles available." The system comes out in 6 months!! It takes time to make a game compatible with a console, especially one that is a pain in the butt to write for (actual statement from a developer). Cutting it kind of close there sony?


You know it seems like I am just picking on sony... well you would be right. You can't screw up THIS MUCH and not get noticed.
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Monday, May 15, 2006

Sony quelling rumors... or so it would seem

Well I was going to say that my previous post was apparently based on rumors. But I have reliable sources saying that sony stated all of the downgrades I posted previously were accurate. So I am going to chalk this one up as sony is backpeddling. Sony has now stated that the hard drive is upgradable and a press release says both systems will come with a wireless bluetooth controller... possibly 2 for the $600 version. No information yet on whether the *ahem* cheaper PS3 will support wireless internet, HDTV or memory cards.

The prices are still accurate, though
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sony has lost it

Here is the latest on the New PS3

The "cheaper" PS3 will cost $500 and it will be missing many of the features that the more expensive system will have. All of these missing features can not be updated at a later date, you must buy the better PS3. These downgrades include no memory card capabilities at all, no wireless support for controllers or modem, no HDTV output, and a smaller hard drive. It will cost $600 for the PS3 that will have all these options.
In comparisson the upgraded Xbox360 is a paltry $400 and I am betting there will be extremely little difference between the graphic capabilities between either system. Both are very powerful.

The controller will have "innovative" tilt sensors (that was added at the last possible moment) in lieu of rumble capabilities.
This is an obvious rip off from nintendo's truely innovative controller that can sence ANY motion at all; in 360 degrees of turning and movement around the game system.

I was wary about the price of the Xbox 360 but I eventually bought it. I am definitely going to get the Wii due to its cheap price (approximately $200) and awesome fun controller. As for sony, I am staying far, far away until MANY truely spectacular games comes out that I can't get anywhere else and the price drops a hundred or 2.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Once upon a _______

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess that was sad. She had an evil step-mom who forced her to work long and hard. One day a handsome prince happen to see her while she was in the fields. He knew how bad her step mom was so he swept her off her feet and whisked her way to his castle to live happily ever after.

Brainwashed from birth

It is really sad how much kids stories have trained us for the fantasy. Every single story out there requires these things

Handsome prince
Beautiful princess
Evil protagonist such as a dragon/witch/Step-mom
Happily ever after

*Real life coming up so avert your eyes to keep your unaware bliss*

Handsome/beautiful - People are bell curves. Meaning there is only a very small percentage of the population that are extremely beautiful/handsome. The massive percentage of the population are average looking people but we aren't trained that way. We are force fed to only believe in the beautiful/handsome fantasy. In nearly every magazine and movie, every commercial and poster, everywhere are extremely attractive individuals. We are now trained to think that most everyone looks this way when in fact you will almost never ever see super-model quality in real life. If by chance you do see these beautiful people, they are brainwashed themselves and will not date the average looking guy, that by the odds... you are one

Prince/princess - Translation... rich and perfect. Bell curve works for this too. Most people are average paid hard working people. We are not all owners of exotic italian cars, ready to sweep anyone of their feet. Also no one is perfect, people have personality quirks. Beautiful people is not the sign that they are beaufiful inside. Everyone has annoying quirks sometimes all the way up to mental illness

This is a final plea for the realism of life for everyone (including myself). Very VERY few people are ferrari driving supermodels ready to sweep you off your feet. Step away from your disney movies, cosmo magazines, and perfume commercials and realize people are REAL and not the snobby goddeses you are trained to believe in.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Everyone has their favorite food. I love chocolate. I really love chocolate. Almost every dessert I get has chocolate in it. I once tried to expand my horizons once and I got a banana split that was chocolate free... it was an unpleasant eating experience. Maybe one day I will be a chocolate chemist or a chef that specializes in chocolate desserts, I just love chocolate that much. Not all chocolate is created equal, there are some so called chocolates that are truly heaven and others that taste HORRIBLE. Here is my professional opinion from a discerning pallatte. (Consumer chocolate means it is bar form but not in extremely high quality types such as assortments)

Dove - A very good consumer chocolate, dark chocolate has a touch too much alkali taste. Extremely good ice cream
Hershey's - Pretty good, sort of waxy in bar form
Nestle - Not very good even for consumer quality but still edible
Ghiradelli - good but not great
Godiva - Chocolate perfection!! By far the best chocolate I have had so far.
Palmer - Solid chocolate sludge, do not wish on anyone. Call poison control if accidentally ingested
Black and green - a little known organic chocolate, Spiced orange chocolate is quite good (only one I tried so far)
Snocaps - great tasting and fun to eat, beware of imitators
Whitman's sampler - a variety of chocolate pieces, all of which are very good minus the truffle
Cadbury - good but not great chocolate, never seen dark variety. The cream eggs are fun to eat
M&M - (brand, not M&M's) A decent consumer chocolate
Wonka - Not very good chocolate
Lindt - not much experience but the ones I have had is good
Toblerone - very good and fun to eat, love the honey chips!
Russel Stover - Good but some really weird choices of flavors (pineapple marmalade?)
Cella's - The best chocolate covered cherries ever, dark variety is better
See's - not much experience too but the times I have had it, it wasn't very good

That is all I can think of but I am sure to add some more later
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