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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Once upon a _______

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess that was sad. She had an evil step-mom who forced her to work long and hard. One day a handsome prince happen to see her while she was in the fields. He knew how bad her step mom was so he swept her off her feet and whisked her way to his castle to live happily ever after.

Brainwashed from birth

It is really sad how much kids stories have trained us for the fantasy. Every single story out there requires these things

Handsome prince
Beautiful princess
Evil protagonist such as a dragon/witch/Step-mom
Happily ever after

*Real life coming up so avert your eyes to keep your unaware bliss*

Handsome/beautiful - People are bell curves. Meaning there is only a very small percentage of the population that are extremely beautiful/handsome. The massive percentage of the population are average looking people but we aren't trained that way. We are force fed to only believe in the beautiful/handsome fantasy. In nearly every magazine and movie, every commercial and poster, everywhere are extremely attractive individuals. We are now trained to think that most everyone looks this way when in fact you will almost never ever see super-model quality in real life. If by chance you do see these beautiful people, they are brainwashed themselves and will not date the average looking guy, that by the odds... you are one

Prince/princess - Translation... rich and perfect. Bell curve works for this too. Most people are average paid hard working people. We are not all owners of exotic italian cars, ready to sweep anyone of their feet. Also no one is perfect, people have personality quirks. Beautiful people is not the sign that they are beaufiful inside. Everyone has annoying quirks sometimes all the way up to mental illness

This is a final plea for the realism of life for everyone (including myself). Very VERY few people are ferrari driving supermodels ready to sweep you off your feet. Step away from your disney movies, cosmo magazines, and perfume commercials and realize people are REAL and not the snobby goddeses you are trained to believe in.
David 2:39 PM


hmm. ever notice that prince charming has like, 40 ba-jillion wives?
also, it's just a dream. prince/princess isn't supposed to represent rich and perfect, but something special. something that would stand out from the crowd. because most kids don't understand how much being royal actually sucks. and the same goes for handsome and beautiful- it's about being different; and something that makes you feel sorry for the little step-daughter. a pretty thing like her shouldn't have to do all that work. that face seems to belong under a tiara.
Something special must include looks, though. Quasi moto did not end up with the girl. There are guys willing to worship the ground a woman walks on (nerds for example) but the handsome jerk always seems to win.

Example, when is the last time you saw the opposite of the norm, A fat guy with a skinny pretty girl?
Everyone has their vanity and shallowness though. You have to think also, could you really be with someone that you weren't attracted to? I think that girls are actually the ones that would be seen more frequently with an "uglier" guy than a guy with an "uglier" girl. It's how it's been with me. What do you think?
p.s. good job on the thought-provoking posts-keep it up!
There is a huge difference between attracted to and complete perfection. I agree that you must be attracted to someone but many people take it to the extreme.

Also thank you for your compliment!

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