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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pregnant women

They go through changes, their hormones get all screwed up which leads to mood swings, weird food cravings, muscle spasms, and their belly/breasts gets bigger. It is all a natural process of life.

They hang out with their girlfriends and pick out cute baby clothes and baby names. Then comes the line "You better eat more, you are eating for 2, girl!!" and this is why women get fat and blame it on pregnancy. This 2nd person probably wieghs between .5 ounces to 8 lbs. Why does such a small person need 2000 extra calories? The baby absorbs protein, vitamins and minerals... not half of the quart of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream you ate. Take a suppliment, stay thin and be the envy of all those other fat heifers out there that ate for 2.
David 1:43 PM


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