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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sony has lost it

Here is the latest on the New PS3

The "cheaper" PS3 will cost $500 and it will be missing many of the features that the more expensive system will have. All of these missing features can not be updated at a later date, you must buy the better PS3. These downgrades include no memory card capabilities at all, no wireless support for controllers or modem, no HDTV output, and a smaller hard drive. It will cost $600 for the PS3 that will have all these options.
In comparisson the upgraded Xbox360 is a paltry $400 and I am betting there will be extremely little difference between the graphic capabilities between either system. Both are very powerful.

The controller will have "innovative" tilt sensors (that was added at the last possible moment) in lieu of rumble capabilities.
This is an obvious rip off from nintendo's truely innovative controller that can sence ANY motion at all; in 360 degrees of turning and movement around the game system.

I was wary about the price of the Xbox 360 but I eventually bought it. I am definitely going to get the Wii due to its cheap price (approximately $200) and awesome fun controller. As for sony, I am staying far, far away until MANY truely spectacular games comes out that I can't get anywhere else and the price drops a hundred or 2.
David 2:53 PM


hehe. good plan. yeah, we've sticked to nintendo. if nothing else, it's just the classic.
If you like classic, the new mario game for the nintendo DS is like the old times of side scrolling fun.

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