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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Everyone has their favorite food. I love chocolate. I really love chocolate. Almost every dessert I get has chocolate in it. I once tried to expand my horizons once and I got a banana split that was chocolate free... it was an unpleasant eating experience. Maybe one day I will be a chocolate chemist or a chef that specializes in chocolate desserts, I just love chocolate that much. Not all chocolate is created equal, there are some so called chocolates that are truly heaven and others that taste HORRIBLE. Here is my professional opinion from a discerning pallatte. (Consumer chocolate means it is bar form but not in extremely high quality types such as assortments)

Dove - A very good consumer chocolate, dark chocolate has a touch too much alkali taste. Extremely good ice cream
Hershey's - Pretty good, sort of waxy in bar form
Nestle - Not very good even for consumer quality but still edible
Ghiradelli - good but not great
Godiva - Chocolate perfection!! By far the best chocolate I have had so far.
Palmer - Solid chocolate sludge, do not wish on anyone. Call poison control if accidentally ingested
Black and green - a little known organic chocolate, Spiced orange chocolate is quite good (only one I tried so far)
Snocaps - great tasting and fun to eat, beware of imitators
Whitman's sampler - a variety of chocolate pieces, all of which are very good minus the truffle
Cadbury - good but not great chocolate, never seen dark variety. The cream eggs are fun to eat
M&M - (brand, not M&M's) A decent consumer chocolate
Wonka - Not very good chocolate
Lindt - not much experience but the ones I have had is good
Toblerone - very good and fun to eat, love the honey chips!
Russel Stover - Good but some really weird choices of flavors (pineapple marmalade?)
Cella's - The best chocolate covered cherries ever, dark variety is better
See's - not much experience too but the times I have had it, it wasn't very good

That is all I can think of but I am sure to add some more later
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