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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To my adoring fan

You know it would suck to be a celebrity. Why you ask? They may have loads of money, a huge house, anything they wanted and tons of fans but I have 1 thing they don't have.... privacy. I can go out and eat a steak and cheese sandwich without my poorly taken picture in the paper announcing I quit my diet and gained 50 lbs. If I get angry because my waiter is completely inept and completely screws up my order 3 times I have not gone crazy with rage and am seeing a psychiatrist now. I can date and marry whoever I want and I never have to worry if they are doing it for the money or fame. Anytime I go into public I am not bombarded with people wanting my signature. Except for financial issues I bet being famous is quite stressful. People are still people no matter how rich and famous they are. Next time you see someone extremely well known like Brad Pitt please treat them like you would treat other lesser known people and not crowd them with questions and slips of paper. Lastly and most importantly do not buy celebrity magazine. Paparazzi’s are scum and barely legal stalkers.
David 9:36 AM


you are one deep individual...with too much time on your hands...are you doing this at work? :) ~ The Knight who says Ni...
Anywhere I get the inspiration or topic to input at a computer
dude, you rule. i know exactly what you mean. as for the kight who says ni, i say to you:
ikki, ikki, p-kang oooiiiii! [don't really remember the rest as i have not seen this movie in about a year.]

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