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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Rules of a new poster

Ok, everything looks good. Hopefully in an hour my blog should be searchable. If somehow you stumble into my world here I would like to make a couple of rules I am going to try to follow in my blog (blog still sounds like a weird word to me)

1. I will make my informative blogs as easy to digest as possible
2. I will be talking to you... even if there is no "you" reading this
3. Unless I am moving or am sick, I will try to post something every day or so
4. If you like something please tell me and I will try to email you back, encouragement is a great fuel
5. If you hate something and you are very vulgar don't expect much back from me
6. I will make my blogs entertaining or profound or informative. I am not going to resort to a grocery list or something similarly as stupid

That is pretty much I can think of right now. Too bad all these rules and my 1st blog will be hidden under the pile of new posts... posts sounds better than the repetitive word blog

Till next time
David 7:13 AM


ooh, i like you. i highly doubt that i will hate anything you write, so please continue.

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