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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Danger Will Datingson!!

Dating is too complicated as it is. Here is a common example of getting a date
  1. You see a man/woman you are physically attracted to
  2. You gather what courage you have and walk up to him/her
  3. You have to come up with something to make you interesting enough to talk to
  4. Then it is an intricate dance of conversation not to bore them or tell too much pretty much hoping they aren't dating someone else or in a bad mood, not attracted to you, ect
  5. IF you get their # then the whole dance happens many different times from the when to call him/her dance, what to say on the phone dance, where to go on a date dilemma, the date conversation dance, reading him/her dance.

It is 1 massively complicated ritual. I think today I will cover warning signs that they are crazy. All of these signs will be pulled directly from people I once dated. Oh and I will rate them 1-5 (1 being slight warning)

3 She talks bad about her ex (when he/she could have actually been the problem)

4 Holds your cell phone (or similar object) out of the car window at 60 mph cause she is mad at you

5 Big Feminist/Chauvinistic man who blames the opposite sex for just about everything

4 Cries way too much over very little and then bounces to a rage

3 Does not like to be seen in public much (hid in my car while I was at a friends party and then went off with her guy friend to his party... I think)

4-5 Tries to bribe you to keep dating him/her

5 Gets herself arrested being belligerent to the cops who she called to get in your house

5 Hits you at any time (didn't hurt but still)

4-5 Seems to only like you for your car/money/body

3-4 Way too cryptic when she says things

5 Believes she is a witch

5 Suicidal

3 Was a stripper at 1 time

5 Catch them in many lies/questionable excuses

1-5 jailed once before (really depends about what)

3-5 Dishonorable discharge from the military

3 Obsesses about something a bit too much

3-5 Manipulates what you say

5 Afraid of what they might do to your car/you if they get mad

5 Follows you when you don't know it

3 Seemingly has no personality or never says much about themselves

4 Oftenly drinks too much

5 Says they have changed or makes you feel guilty in order for you to date them again

5 You fight or break up often

4 Accuses you of lying when there was no lie

5 Calls you so much you have to change your cell #

Pretty much what I am saying here is when you finally go out on a date with someone, do not ignore any warning signs. If one or more little red flags goes up explore them and if it is a big huge bad thing, ditch them. People can be crazy and ignoring any signs will cause you unnecessary drama/physical harm. 85% of these warning signs were from 1 girl. I made excuses about them making them seem not as bad or believed her when she said she has changed but no one ever changes. Accept them for who they are or leave them.

David 7:36 AM


see? wasn't that fun? i certainly had a good time reading it. i'm sorry you had to deal with whoever that was....yeesh.
She did 1, 2 4-9, 11-15, 18, 19, 23-26. Just in case you were wondering
i was, actually....and oh yeah: in response to your impressive numbering of these things: 1,....2,.....5!!!!
wait, nevermind, i get it

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