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Thursday, February 23, 2006

The embryo word

This is going to open up the flood gates of criticism but I am going to do it anyways.


*winces for barrage of verbal beatings*

2 sides. Pro-life and Pro-choice

Women can get abortions up to 24 weeks or later in most states

Here are some facts

6 weeks till heartbeat to pump blood to new organs and 8 weeks till movement (he/she has hands, feet, eyes, ears, and teeth now)

Sounds like it is an alive being to me

Embryos are babies
David 1:01 PM


i agree. remember what i said about starting to die at conception? well, if you can start dying, it implies that you're alive...
Well the point trying to be proved is if you are alive well before conception
before conception? now. you're saying that you're alive before birth. you can't possibly be alive before conception.
Why does coming out a tube make you alive? Why would you have a heart and organs at 6 weeks if you are dead? Do dead things move and react to sound and light?
not if they can't yet, no. but, the way i see it is:
1)you can't live[eat, move, walk, talk, yadda yadda yadda]without being born. yes? well, you can't be born without being conceived. duh.
2)if you are going to argue that life begins before birth, you're in for waaayyy too many factors and opinions. heartbeat? reactions? what exactly does an infant have to do to be considered alive? i say just make things simpler by saying that where everything starts is where life starts.
Well I say if you have a heartbeat and/or brain activity then you are alive. Life after you are born is defined by brain activity, why not before?
We are arguing about the same side of the argument!! Now THATS funny
wait. what point are you trying to make? i'm saying life starts at conception. before birth. and either way, i don't like abortion.

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