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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Someone I know inspired me to write this.

Here is my 1st inspirational and not straight knowledge post so bear with me

Here are the facts. Everyone is dying. From birth you are already on your way out. Good health is just the absolutely slowest death possible. Your body gets tired and slowly disintegrates. Near the end your skin gets less elastic, your veins harden, and you shrink.

So what?

It is called life. There are about 50 years of it, why focus on the last minute or 2 of it? Live it up!! Go to museums and aquariums, fly a plane then jump out of one, drive a motorcycle, go on the fast roller coaster... twice, visit exotic places do exotic things, live life up!! Do not focus on the end, you do not do something in life depressed because it will end. Think about it, when have you last seen depressed people on a theme park ride because it will end?

When you get to heaven your body should not be pristine and well preserved. Your body should be thoroughly used up and skidding up to St. Peter saying "Whooo that was a wild ride!!

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David 7:32 AM


i love it! that's also kinda my point, but oh well! i love it! i told you i'd probably use the info on the motorcycles....
ps: bear with you? this was good!!!

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