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Monday, February 27, 2006


What to write about today.... hmmm. I always write about whatever but what do you want to know about? I know a ton about computer hardware but unless you want 20 - 4 page long posts about the basics and how to build your own computer, I am not going to bother. Although this information is very helpful,it won't help you unless you do something other than emailing and surfing on your computer. I have built a nice computer by myself and on a computer buying website and have saved at least $2000. Anyways I would like a topic you want to know about (other than the arts, I know nothing about them)

Enough about that... down to business.

I saw the most beautiful car I have ever seen in my entire life. It is called the Ariel Atom. It is a custom built car by a tiny company (7 workers). The top of the line car runs about $60,000 and has 300 hp which is quite a bit but it doesn't compare (horsepower wise) to corvettes (505 hp, $66k), Ferraris (490+hp, $100k+), and other such sports cars. But it does have 1 thing better than any of these monster cars

It is light.

"So what" I hear you saying.

This car weighs 1000 lbs. In comparison the tiniest car I can think of (Geo metro) weights 1650. Translation: this car is FAST!! When I say fast I mean FAST!!!

It will stomp any of those cars I mentioned above in a race

Everyone focuses on getting the car with the most horsepower. Point being is that car's speed shouldn't be measured in horsepower but horsepower per weight. Imagine a race between a car with car A (1000hp) and car B (400hp). Who would win? Car B, of course. Mainly because I neglected to mention the 1000hp car weights 3 tons while the 400hp car is a piddly 1 ton. Simple math determines car A has 333hp per ton while car B has 400 hp per ton.

Lesson learned is that the Ariel Atom is the most beautiful car on the planet!!


Learn all the facts and never judge too quickly.

It is a street legal by the way

David 7:33 AM


you're right...tis gorgeous! and no, i really don't need the computer info, there's absolutely no way that it'd make sense to me....i would like to hear about ex's.
or about your job. what exactly do you do?
Job and ex's those are some stories!! Next installment will be ex's and crazy people. Oh and I WILL be getting that car one day.
of course you will. was there ever a doubt in your mind?

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