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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hillary can NOT be president

Lets think about it. Who is giving us the worst problems... heck the whole world the most problems? When I say problems I mean suicide bombings, mortaring bases , shooting and beheading civilians, splinter groups working alone to cause death and terror? Lets chalk that up to a no doy and say the middle east fanatical religious groups.

The middle east, this is an entire area of countries in which women are property. Where if a woman gets raped it is her fault for dressing too sexy. Whose clits get cut off at a young age so they can not feel pleasure. Women are probably on the same level as animals if not lower.

Now lets put a woman as our president. I easily see the middle east taking this as a sign of weakness and increasing any and all attacks on us.

That fact aside if hillary had any other name other than clinton would we even care about her?

Hillary will make a bad president and thanks to the middle east, make things that much worse.
David 10:16 AM


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