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Saturday, November 10, 2007

More found stuff!

Read on the back of a Oceanspray cranberry sauce can

Did you know Ocean Spray
Cranberry sauce...?

Per serving has the same cranberry
goodness as Ocean Spray
cranberry juice cocktail

Contains no transfats

Is naturally low sodium,
No cholesterol food

Lets start with #1. What the heck is cranberry goodness? Can I find it in the nutritional facts?

#2 & 3 It is made of fruit and water and sugar!! How stupid do you think we are!?!? Are the corporations just desperate to write anything on their products?

What amazed me is when I looked on the back of salsa. Everything in it is a vegetable so it is good for you right? I was ultra right!! A full pound of salsa has 130 calories in this decent sized jar (only 10 measly calories per serving)!! That is less calories than in 7 Tostitos chips!!

David 9:01 AM


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