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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Global warming

This won't be boring so please read, trust me.

Everyone blames the ozone layer and the sun but i have a different theory. Way way back before technology, everything was green and lush, there were only a few human fires and the occasional forest fire caused by lightning or lava. Those were creating heat.

Fast forward to today

We have hundred of millions of engines creating heat. We have black top roads absorbing sunlight and creating heat, A/C unit and heaters for homes both create heat. Everything that uses fuel or electricity creates unnatural heat. And what does this heat do? Can this energy be used and changed into maybe light energy or kinetic? NO, it floats around and heats up the world. I say technology is the cause of the heat, not a combination of pollution and the sun!
David 6:22 AM


You know what? I know some people who actually think that global warming doesn't exist. Denial. Can you believe that?
I saw one of the videos fast forward and it showed the ice caps in the north and the definitely shrunk

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