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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Eragon the movie

To all of those Eragon fans out there!!!


First of all, all the well defined deep characters have been replaced with shallow one lined spouting characters. Remember the long trip to go save the elf and the great dialog with Brom explaining magic and teaching weapon fighting? These great scenes are summed up in 30 seconds each (if that). Magic is vaguely explained. The end scene has been replaced to make it more exciting. Any and all character development are turned into jumping to conclusions and friendships are made in a literal 8 seconds.

EVERYTHING was rushed!! How about Saphira going from barely flying to huge dragon in EXACTLY 2 second. This 90 min movie needed a whole added hour so you actually care about anyone at all!!

HUGE disappointment of a movie. Do not see!!!
David 8:34 AM


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