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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Another tie?!?!

I was at a friends house and they put on a DVD of some kid's TV show called The Big Garage or something like that. God, that show was bad. 1st of all the "baby" car looked old and creeped me out but the main thing I noticed in that show as well as so many other kids shows out there that if there is a competition of any sort, everyone wins.

Why in the #$^% are they doing that to kids?!? No wonder kids go off crying or throw tantrums when they lose. I mean 99% life you win or lose.

When has this ever happened?!?

"Mr. Johnson you were very qualified for this single position in our firm but so were 8 other applicants so we have decided.... you all get that job!!"

You win or you lose!! Stop brainwashing our kids into believing you are equal to everyone else out there!!!
David 7:37 AM


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