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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stupid is "in"

I am not talking about I'm blond, cute and stupid either. I am talking about I am a gangster so I have no clue how to talk or even spell correctly. After reading the "Hottie of the Day" at one of my favorite blogs, www.barbercollege.blogspot.com, Ebonics is stupifying this generation into wannabe rapper/gangster/ghetto idiots. Here is a nice sample.

"I gotz 2 shout out 2 all muh ppl reppin' dat 813 n 727 keep it crunk mufuckaZ! I am a producer/rapper, when eva i geta chance i'm makin new beatz n writin' wordz to dem. I have been producin' for a while now, i have recently started to record my muzik. I really gotta luv for producin'/writin' musik that I neva really knew I had. I will also be goin' to school for Buizne$$ Administration, I would eventually like to be a financial advisor,sale mortgages,and/or do real estate. So to sum it all up I got big planz for my future n dat iz makin' $$$ cuz round here itz all $trickly Buizne$$ cuuuuz."

I got to love the ONLY complete spelled correctly thought in the whole paragraph. This guy wants to actually be something!!

I can see it now "Yeah chek out dis here two bedzroomz, 1 bafroom hawt pad for aul dem partees doz kidz gunna trow hea. It gunna be crunk livin here an da $$$ is off da hook low. Youz wanna scrib on deez paprs and gets it?"

Check out this idiots picture and more on his site

David 10:52 AM


LOL This was hilarious! So true...
dawg, wat da hell? ya be gettin all up in sum n***'s grill tawkn dat shit, they finna shoochyooh uhp...they always seem to swear correctly. at least sometimes. i like to spell phonetically, but not like this....

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