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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My personal feelings today

Here is no random musing or interesting news report today but just me talking. I left the military and now I got a job... not the one I want but I got to do what I got to do to pay the bills.

Also the Nintendo Wii is coming out in less than a week. Here are my thoughts on that
"OhMyGodItIsGoingToBeSoGreat!IAmGoing ToPlayZeldaForeverWithThatAwesome ControllerAndPlayMetroidAndWiiSportsAndIAmGoing ToShowUp50HoursEarlyAndCaffineOverdose AndPlayFor7DaysStraightAnd..."

Drool bucket please
David 1:04 PM


[smiles to self] silly people. my boyfriend camped out for one of those and hasn't done much else since. i won't lie, though, i kinda want one, too. i just wouldn't want to camp out for it. i would, of course, get to a store at five in the morning to get the friday-after-thanksgiving sales...
speaking of which, happy turkey day!

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