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Monday, October 02, 2006

Adam and Eve

When Adam saw Eve he said she was the most beautiful thing he ever saw.

So how pretty was Eve? I mean when guys or girls are neglected of contact with the opposite sex for a long time, the plain people look a lot better.

But we are talking about Adam here!! He NEVER saw a woman before and poof here is a naked one!! Makes you wonder how pretty Eve really was.
David 9:19 AM


You could say that maybe it's also bc she was created in his self-image. And they say that subconsciously you're attracted to people that look like or resemble you. So maybe it wasn't really that she was all that pretty, but that she had a "familiar" image.
Well, what would happen in cloning if you took out the 1 Y chromosome the man has and make it XX for female? What would the girl look like in comparison to the host guy?
Hilarious David! You are just hilarious! It really does make you wonder though.
Now you're mixing science with religion, and that is just a no-no. But if it wouldn't be a clone if you changed one of the chromosomes. But I would imagine it would look exactly like it, only with masculine parts. haha
I would have thought yes at 1st but think of it this way. God created DNA, right? Why wouldn't he use it? Would man invent a hammer and still use a rock?

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