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Friday, September 08, 2006

The good and the bad

I was scouring the internet, trying to find any info on the 07 honda f4i's (or whatever they will call it) but the only thing I could find is on 07 honda shadows!! I don't give a flying flip about harley-style cruisers!! They never change. Cruisers all look like the same piece of crap design they started out at 30 years ago!!

On the other hand

You never know if you see an old cruiser or a new one. There isn't any new technological advances in harley-style cruisers, there is no great designs, there is no desire to upgrade. If anything cruisers are the absolutely LAST motorvehicle of anyone to ever upgrade to new technology (Hell even the $30k Valkrie doesn't even have fuel injection) You are living your life in a stagnant time period but in some ways that can be good.... just not for me.

(After I posted this the 07 600RR is out)
David 9:11 AM


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