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Monday, August 07, 2006

Who knows you?

Do this experiment.

Go to google or yahoo or where ever and type your 1st and last name or if you have a common last name, your whole name.

How many times are you mentioned on the internet? I mean you yourself, not someone with the same name. Anybody has access to this info just like you do.

Kind of scary huh? I, myself, use the internet A LOT but strangely enough I am not any search. There are other David Shinkle's that have law offices and got married or died, but none of them are me.
David 1:22 PM


I completely agree with the comment you made on my blog about the shame that we can't pollute phishing sites with denial of service viruses, but the fact of the matter is that vigilante justice, either in your country or mine, is illegal. Mr. Lakkonen, who wrote the article, is better positioned to act, as Finland doesn't regard electronic crimes as crimes unless they violate physical laws, for example, theft or harassment. Have a good day, David.
Irregardless of your personal views it is still viewed as vigilante justice, and so any action in that vein cannot be lawfully done. It would be nice if there was an organization in place to destroy these sites, but the fact of the matter is that because of the fact that a large chunk of the internet is hosted in 'offshore hosting' countries like Finland, Netherlands, Cayman Islands, and so forth, it is impossible to prosecute these offenders because local LEAs are ineffectual and lack the resources to enforce electronic crime while maintaining law and order. There are fundamental issues of jurisdiction and economics that need to be addressed before the lawful deconstruction of phishing networks can take place. Until then, vigilante away with my thanks and appreciation, just know that the justice system in your country may not hold you or your actions in the same esteem as I do.
I have tried that and I apparently am of no consequence because I couldn't find any mention of myself.

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