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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well I did it

I made a myspace account a couple weeks ago. It is highly popular so might as well give it a shot. Boy let me tell you what a huge let down!!

Myspace has turned into a huge popularity contest for girls to post sexy pictures of themselves in order for men to comment how hot they are so they get 1000+ "friends" they don't even know. It is really sad.

One such girl's (like 21) friend is a 80 year old man who is saying she is hot. I refuse to participate in inflating a woman's already massive ego.
David 7:55 AM


What's your myspace name? You are right about people making it a popularity contest. It's a cool way to keep in touch with friends though, for those of us who actually use it for that reason. I keep my profile private, cus I was getting friend requests and messages from random people.
i have a pretty hard time understanding how myspace became so popular. it's way too crazy and the free-for-all interface is cute, but really distracting and hurts my eyes. some people out there don't understand the concept of design and simplicity.

btw. i've been getting creepy messages again... really funny. and by funny i mean disturbing.

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