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Thursday, August 17, 2006

To the eating extremists out there

To the vegitarians

God have us canines for a reason.

To the steak and potato carnivores

We have 2 small pairs of canines not 3 inch fangs

Your body needs real protein (we are talking meat, not soy crap) and can only absorb 30 grams a meal. This is equal to less than 1 chicken breast (43g for a whole), a 6 ounce sirloin, and quarter pound hamburger (95% lean, weight after cooking). The rest is turned to fat and is hard on your kidneys.
David 11:08 AM


what makes u the off guy anyway?
I would have to say I am not like anyone else, but then again who is? I am not like anyone else to a very different degree. I ponder and think all the time. I am very logical and very creative all at once. And quite a few other things that I am not going to lecture every stranger on.
Yeah, I believe we are more herbivore than carnivore but we still need meat!

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