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Friday, August 04, 2006


What is the big deal with passing on the family name? There are many cultures out there that having a boy is very important so their family name will continue on since the 1800's.

Here is a scenerio for you.

James Pinot has an important family name. He marries Ms. Smith. Thier son's DNA is half Pinot and half Smith. The boy marries Ms. Yucatan and they have a son. Now we are down to 1/4 pinot, 1/4 smith, and 1/2 Yucatan. Continue this for several generations and eventually you and your proud family name is only 1/256 Pinot.

This is only starting out now!! This has already been going on for 30+ generations already by then you are already genetically 1 millionth of your last name.
David 10:42 AM


I would love to pass on my name only because it is hard to spell and even harder to pronounce
Hehe, yeah my name is a rarity too.
what about me? i've got two z's in my name. my brother better get to work! not yet, tho. he's only 17.
brother: it's too bad i don't have a son to carry on our family name, i got three girls.
sister: our name is smith. i think we're covered.
one more thing, i promise: on the other hand, what the hell is wrong with keeping the father's name?!?!?! why do women feel the need to add theirs to the mix? last names are confusing enough as it is.
I completely agree. I have no reasoning about why the women should take the man's name but having 2 last names if just stupid

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