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Friday, August 18, 2006

Blogger No No's

After a long stint with the "Next blog" button I have made a small mental list of things NOT to do on your blog.

1. No special effects to fade into or out of your blog - those were cool back when the internet started. People don't care anymore!

2. Changing my cursor - Don't do it, that is another lame used to be cool thing

3. Bad music - Even when it is good music it is still in midi format (think Nintendo quality)

4. Scrolling nonsense words at the bottom and the top of my window - boring and distracting.

5. Assaulting me with colors and flashes - Unless you are stuck in the 80's, eye pain is not cool.

6. Stupid diagonal banner in the upper right corner - I see it, I don't care, I can't click next blog because of it!!!

It doesn't matter what blog you decide to do... please refrain from this amateurish stuff

Also it is kind of annoying to flip through blogs and get to several that don't have the blogger toolbar along the top.
David 8:43 AM


dude, i've been reading your blog lately - cool and entertaining.

also, you really need to start using spell-check :)
Ok and Thanks!
I agree on blogging rules!

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