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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

9's table made easy

I posted this in the comments of another blog but I figure it would be helpful here too

Hold out 10 fingers palms facing you. Put down your 1st finger from left to right (left thumb). You have 9 fingers, that is 9x1.

Put down your next finger over and raise your thumb, essentially your 2nd finger from left to right. The thumb that is seperated from the rest is the 10's place and the rest is the ones. So you have 18 (9x2)

Lift your pointer now and lower the middle finger next to it (3rd finger). Now you have 2 fingers up, a space and 7 fingers. 2 finger are the tens and 7 are the ones, 27 (9x3).

Count over from left to right and lower the 6th finger (6x9) (which happens to be the pinky on your right hand) and you get 5 up, space, 4 up, 54!
David 8:50 AM


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