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Monday, July 17, 2006

Things can be bad all by themselves!!

I was installing some acutely stubborn speakers in a car yesterday and getting kind of mad at them. I was told "Well at least it isn't the end of the world".

Why does do you have to compare something bad to the worst possible scenario in the world?!?!?

"Well you are quickly dying of cancer, Mr Johnson but at least it isn't an excruciating flesh eating bacteria that eats you from the inside out that you contracted from your wife got when she cheated on you with the entire local elderly checkers team last week."

"Wow thank you doc for putting it in perspective, I feel tons better about dying of cancer"

Yeah right...
David 7:26 AM


hehe...it's all about cherishing those little things, innit?
WOW! laughing really hard

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