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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Take it back!!

There is a big scare going around lately and it is identity theft. People get a hold of enough personal information then screw up your life. They do many things such as apply for credit cards which they quickly max out. After the aftermath is done and you figure out what is going on, you have a ton of work and possibly lawyer fees to get your credit history back the way it was (if you even can). But I pose this question. Has there ever been an identity so poor that the scammer themselves couldn't do squat? A person who has already screwed themselves for 7 years of credit history probation (we all know at least 1)!! It is funny to think about that. The scammer would call up a credit card company to get free plastic money and the customer service person would practicaly laugh in their face!!
David 7:21 AM


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