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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just... stuff

Well I got 2.5 months in the air force and I am still looking for a job in Millington/Memphis, TN as a computer tech or an video/audio electronic tech.

Other than that life is stressful.

What is up with Israel bombing the crap out of Beirut airport? We are in World War III already, it is just a bunch of extremist groups acting on their own, all over the world! I am already missing the old wars in which there was an actual army and targets, not hit and run bombers that camouflage themselves as civilians.

Here is more on the moronic Steeler's quarterback who nearly died because he wasn't wearing a motorcycle helmet. Here is a nice quote "And unfortunately I happened to not have it on that day because I forgot it in the basement." Yeah, I just happened to forget my helmet for one day because it was packed in storage too... Dumbass. I don't want any stupid arguments like "what if his basement was a room?" He is the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback!!! Does he not have enough room in his mansion that he needed to turn his dank basement into a room?!?!?
David 2:15 PM


COMPLETELY agree on everything said here. That last part is esp. funny. And he's a football player! He should have helmets everywhere!!
LOL, I missed that dichotomy, that’s great!!
hi david, thx 4 correction...

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