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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Other bloggers

Clicking the "next blog" button is a fun way to pass time.

Seeing other peoples' blogs is pretty fun.

About a lot of them are their personal lives and family (skip), some of them are thoughts for the day or jokes, a few of them are obvious commercials, some are informative, a good amount is in another language.

But there is one type of blog that baffles me. Bi/trilingual blogs. There are many many blogs out there for 1 person to read. People will flip through blogs pretty fast and only stop at the ones that catch their attention. Making your blog bi/trilingual is REALLY narrowing down the amount of people that will read it. What percent of the population is fluent in russian, french and english? Like .0001%? Why even make it public? People will skip over your blog faster than the commercial ones.

Thats my $.05 (I happen to be worth more)
David 11:07 AM


By "Bi/trilingual" do you mean each post is translated or that some posts are in one language and some in another? If it's the latter then surely it's because the blog has multiple readers all who take an interest in a different posts?
I mean there is one post about... I don't know, cats. Then another post is about something completely different in a totally different language. (I know a little bit of spanish)
yeah, that next button is how i found this one...
How would one know what russian's would be interested in that english people would not be? Are they making fun of the other culture behind their backs?
It's just that I have say, some posts aimed at family, some at friends... I don't really expect anyone to read the whole thing, rather I direct people to pages as relevent. It just so happens that most of the people I write for speak English but if I had say, a flock of friends in France (and could speak French well) I'd write those things aimed at them in French whilst keeping the majority in English. I suppose it depends on whether of not you intend to have faithful followers who are interested in everything or people dipping in and out.
p.s. thanks for your thoughts on my date test! ;-)
Good point, and you are welcome
I'll have a look at your blog tomorrow and maybe review it on the Hectic Scribble - or at least, glance at a few posts and come up with some form of inaccurate pseudo-review! ;-)
Hehe ok, have at it. Also good luck on that

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