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Friday, March 17, 2006

What a week!

After the launch that never happened and soon a move and I really hate military computer based training... I have been busy!!

What tid bit of info shall I use today?

There is a piece of equipment almost the size of a large plane the military is testing out, well on a boeing 474. It is a new weapon to take out missles in flight. It is a laser. Pretty cool huh? This huge missile destroying laser has 1 fault (other than size and weight)

It has only 7 shots

The reason is because to create a laser that can heat up a missle and destroy it takes a massive amount of energy. It blends 2 different chemicals and supersonic speeds together to create this energy.

To some people this sounds like a waste... I mean 7 shots on a 747 costing 2.1 billion dollars!! Why not stick with missles to take down missiles? Well because missiles are no where near as fast as a laser. Trying to hit a missile with another missle it like trying to make 2 bullets collide in mid air... its very hard to say the least.

This is only step 1 of functional lasers other than annoying/blinding people in movie theaters and I look forward to step 2
David 1:25 PM


well i'm glad you're optimistic about the whole thing. it sounds really cool.

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