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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Useful online commercials?!?!

What is this world coming to?

If you haven't noticed I have some commercialization on my blog. I know no one clicks on those things but I did just out of curiosity's sake. It led me to Overstock.com which is actually a really good website I go to to buy cheap items that were... well overstocked at a different store. Check it out!

The other one is DLP.com. It appears to be a Tv/projector search engine that use dlp technology. Hmm I like this site!! One day I will get a projector because good projectors are superior to tv's in 3 ways. They are smaller. they use less juice, and you can have a MASSIVE size screen (easily a 6 footer or more!) that you can't achieve with a HDTV. But like I said, get a good one or the picture might be low resolution, it will be dim, and without much color. This site is handy!

Now there is another one tigerdirect. com. Computer parts price engine. Good site but if you are more technically inclined go to pricewatch.com
David 10:28 AM


ah...if only i could shop online...
if only i could shop period. [tres broke here.]
Yeah I am not rolling in the money either
my boyfriend is...but he's not here now, so there's nothing i can do about it anyway.

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