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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thought for today

Everyone has heard "You get what you pay for"
Meaning if you buy some cheap piece of junk, don't expect it to work well and last long

What about this thought for the day

"Sometimes you don't get what you pay for"

This time it means You may pay 200-300% more for an item but it won't be 2-3 times better than the cheaper item. cK jeans actually perform MUCH worse than cheaper pairs in shrinking and sturdiness. Nike T shirt may be better than fruit of the loom but not 2 times better (2 times the price). Clothing is the easiest to pick on but it works for men too. Is a $500 video card going to give you 25% more fps (frames per second) over the $400 one? (that would be a no).

There is a happy medium between those 2 statements called "best bang for your buck". Don't let anyone *coughmechanicscough* make you feel guilty for not buying the premium product when it won't perform even close to the price you paid for it... audiophiles I am looking at you!!

10 ft of speaker wire $300

Then again, some people are complete idiots
David 2:08 PM


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