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Friday, March 03, 2006

The mysterious military

I bet being a civilian looking at the military has got to look pretty cool/mysterious. There are all those commercials on T.v. with people jumping out of planes or driving tanks or shooting large weapons or working in a dark secret looking radar room. Those jobs are out there and I am sure they are pretty cool.

But what about the rest of the military?

There are tons of paper pusher jobs, running computer cable jobs, and working in cubicle jobs.
Not every job in the military is cool and adventurous. For the most part I fix video cameras and professional VCRs that you would see at CNN's studio. I work in a shop in a hanger type building and I have a cubicle inside and office building. I am sure one day my job might be adventurous but not today or within the next 1.5 years. My job is actually 4 full jobs smashed into one. Next base I go to I might be doing something completely different. A nice change of pace but I will never fully learn 1 job.

Not all jobs here are the gun toting, high flying, super secret, blowing up stuff that the TV makes it out to be. One thing the military does stand out from any job anyone will ever get is that in the military everyone signed up knowing full well that they might have to fight and die for their country for a pretty meager wage. Think about that next time you see anti-military people. People like that piss me off. We are protecting your right to be free and you try to hate us. Essentially biting the hand that feeds you.

I may be going to war the end of this year. I do not expect to be spat on if I return
David 9:55 AM


definitely won't spit on you. my boyfriend's in the military too, remember? no i totally respect you.
So what do you think about Cindy Sheehan? Personally, I'm much for Bush or the war, but I think it's ridiculous that this woman is protesting against the war, when her son willingly and knowingly joined the army and was aware of the consequences. Yes, her son died, but isn't the a big part of the military to protect the country if it was to go to war?
I think she doesn't understand what the war is about. Her son fought and died to to help eradicate terrorism. Iraq what a firm donater and supporter of terrorists and al quada. Soldiers fight and die in wars. We should honor them, not protest all wars. Where would we be if we didn't go to war? We would be under control of natzi germany right after they destroyed england and took america from us, since the concept of USA would not exist (no revolutionary war)

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