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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

HDTV owners just got screwed

You have to check out this article. When I read it I was throughly pissed.


It pretty much says hollywood has determined that HD-DVDs will only be transmitted through 2 different kinds of connections. If you did not purchase a HDTV in the past year or so (and did not get the top of the line one) you will not be able to play HD-DVDs at all because you will not have either connection. (DVI or HDMI)

Lets say you do have the connection you won't have more than one of them so you have 2 options.
  1. Unplug and plug everytime you want to watch a HD-DVD or play video games or any other Hi-def thing
  2. Get an expensive box that allows you to use more than 1 of these plugs.

The reason for this massive screwing of 100's of thousands of people (if not more) is because they can't keep their own movies from being copied (RIAA).

So it comes down to 2 companies to blame for this worldwide screwing is Hollywood DVD rights and RIAA.

On top of all this there are 2 formats of high definition DVD's fighting to be on top. Neither is compatible with one another. Maybe more on that tomorrow

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