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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Car choices

I am car shopping and I have narrowed my car that I am going to drive for a very long time down to 2. I have done a ton of research on each car and their manufacturers but I want to know what you think. For an unbiased opinion I will call them car male and car female.

Car male - Very reliable, stronger and faster than car #2, requires more fuel than car female, needs engine work after 100,000 miles, the car will last about 73 years before it becomes unusable due to age, straight forward easy controls, a little less accessories than cars 2, do anything go anywhere kind of car, very nice looking in a rugged way, less expensive to buy and for upkeep costs, any dings or minor fender benders cost only a little bit to have worked out, requires more and more horsepower upgrades

Car female - Has problems 25% of the time you drive it, weaker and slower than car male, needs a lot of accessories replaced or worked on after 100,000 miles, lasts 85 years before it becomes unusable due to age, complex machinery that NEEDS a large manual to use correctly, a little more accessories than car 1, can go off road but not recommended... mainly a road car, beautiful and sleek looking, more expensive to buy (often compared to the price of a large diamond) and depending on accessories a little bit to A LOT more expensive on upkeep costs, any dings or minor fender benders cost a lot more and can some times show back up. Requires brand new and often tire purchases and paint colors... takes hours to change them

So the final question

What brand couch is the most comfortable?
David 9:49 AM


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