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Friday, March 31, 2006

Calvin and Hobbes

Today's blog is a very special one. I want to share with you the greatest comic of all time, Calvin and Hobbes. For those of you who doesn't know who they are (blasphemy!) Calvin is a clever, misbehaving kid with a wild imagination. Hobbes is his stuffed tiger (and voice of reason) that becomes alive when no one is around. You fall in love with all the characters in this comic. When you read old comics of calvin and hobbes, you don't just think "That was a funny one" and go to the next. It feels like you feel like you have memories of them. I have so many fond memories of the antics of Calvin and Hobbes. If I met Bill Watterson (creator of C&H) I would go up to him, give him a hug and say "What the f#&k is wrong with you?!"

Yes, that is what I would say. Bill Watterson is a selfish bastard. He has created the best comic of all time yet you will NEVER see any C&H merchandise other than books. No dolls, no stickers, no shirts, not even 1 f#&k!ng poster or calendar. I might mention the Calvin peeing on X is illegal and the company has been sued by Mr. Watterson. He has fought tooth and nail to keep any C&H from being commercialized because he believes it would cheapen his creation. You know how much I would cherish a Calvin and Hobbes stuffed animal? I would even go as far as buying 2 sets and putting 1 in a plexiglass case. I LOVE calvin and hobbes but you, Mr Watterson... I HATE you.
David 9:47 AM


enh. i LOVE calvin and hobbes!!!!!! the guy's a genius! as for no dolls...nvm. as for a calvin and hobbes calendar, that's easy. just print out a bunch of pics and make a calendar.
Good luck finding a bunch of high resolution pictures for it.
Calvin and Hobbes is indeed a brilliant collection. Both funny and profound, it eclipses any other comic I can think of.

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